Our Starters
Restaurant La Flaca

Rosti and patanegra
(crispy potato julienne with Carrasco patanegra selection): Euro 7,50

(chicken cooked at low temperature in Panko panure, served with chef sauce): Euro 6

Veggy tacos
(corn tacos filled with avocado hummus, beetroot tartare and pumpkin seeds): Euro 8

Beef tartare
(fassona tartare with knife and tuna sauce): Euro 12

Pink shrimp tartare
(pink shrimp tartare and mojito gel): Euro 14

Crispy rice salmon
(cubes of crispy sushi rice, wakame seaweed, salmon tartare, teriyaki): Euro 10

Meatballs with green pepper
(ground beef, bread, mustard, green pepper, cream, brown background): euro 8

Meatballs carbonara
(minced beef, bread, egg, bacon, pecorino cheese): euro 8

French fries
(potatoes dippers accompanied by chef sauce): Euro 6

Cutting board La Flaca
(mortadella Bonfatti slow food presidium, parma prosciutto, black pork salami, pink salami slow food presidio, capocollo of black pork, fried pinsa with black pork lard, bruschette with tomato, toasted toasted buffalo bruschetta and braised onion with honey, buffalo mozzarella, buffalo ricotta): Euro 24


Classic Supplì
(carnaroli rice, cherry tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, parmesan): Euro 2,50

Pulled pork crunch
(pulled pork croquette with melted cheddar heart): Euro 3,50

(potato croquette, cheddar sauce, bacon): Euro 2,50

(tortellini butter and parmesan ingot): Euro 5