Main dishes
Restaurant La Flaca

Chicken Satay Euro 16
(cbt chicken thighs frosted with tamarind, peanut satay sauce and coconut milk)

American Ribs Euro 16
(cbt pork ribs glazed with honey and bbq served with baked potatoes)

Cuberoll Euro 24
(cut Danish cuberoll served with baked potatoes)

Mexican fajitas 14
(chicken, peppers, onion, lime, coriander, cumin, jalapenos, served with basmati rice)

Roastbeef Euro 16
(Roastbeef beef, its bottom, mustard vinagrette in Dijon grains, served with potato rosti)

Salmon Ceviche Euro 17
(Peruvian salmon ceviche, marinated with lemongrass, coriander, lime and red onion, served with salad and roasted potatoes)

Tataki of Tuna Euro 19
(tuna tataki in pistachio crust, burrata, salad, honey caramelized onion)